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The TV Series of BattleBots on Comedy Central has generated a LOT of traffic on this site. I feel genuinely honored to have so many visitors here seeking information on Robotic Combat.

Let me tell you a little bit about RobotCombat.com. First, if you are looking for robot combat info on the web, you've defintely found the right place. There are over 350 pages of robot-packed information here, chances are that the answers you seek are here somewhere, or if not, can be found through various links placed througout this site. RobotCombat.com might get a bit overwhelming with all the information available, but if you have been eager to learn more about the sport, you might just want to kick off your shoes and stay a while, there is plenty of info here to keep you busy for hours.

That all depends on what you want to find out. Here are some of the more popular areas on this site:

What's New - This is the place I put all the newest stuff here on RobotCombat.com

My Robots - Looking for my robots? This page has all the robots I've built since 1997, including Backlash and Nightmare, both of which are currently appearing on Comedy Central's BattleBots

MarketPlace - Your One-Stop Robot Shop. Everything you need to build a robot for competition, as well as lots of other robot-related goodies. A MUST SEE area of this site, if you haven't already been there!

Tips - If you're interested in building one of these things for yourself, start here, also a good place to find out about the sport in general.

History - First of all, let me assure those of you who've seen Robot Wars on TV and think BattleBots is a ripoff-WRONG. Robotic Combat started in the U.S. and was copied and brought over to the UK several years ago. We've been through a lot over the years, and a lot of people are quick to jump to conclusions, so PLEASE read this section so you know what's been going on.

Media, letters, etc. - Where you can see some of the printed media attention BattleBots and Robot Wars has received over the last few years, as well as a section for printed announcements and legal mumbo jumbo.

Event Archives - where you can see the robots that have appeared in past BattleBots events.

Event List - Check out a complete list of all the robotic competitions that are out there!

Links to other robot sites - This daily-updated section can direct you to just about every other BattleBots and Robot Wars site out there. VERY useful stuff through this page.

Videos - want to see robots in action? I've collected TONS of videos and posted them here. I hope you have a fast internet connection!

BattleBots - Okay, it's not part of my site, but if you haven't been there already, make this your next stop! This is what it's all about! All the rules, Ticket info, and more!

Once again, WELCOME to the sport and RobotCombat.com! If you have specific questions, suggestions or gripes, please feel free to e-mail me.