Robotic Competitions

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Competition Robot Events
updated 4/19/06

  6.270 M.I.T. Autonomous Competition
  AAAI Mobile robot competitions
  Aerial Robotics competitions
  AHRC Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
  AUVSI Unmanned Vehicle Competitions
  Battle at the Beach
  Battlebots IQ
  B.E.S.T. Robot Competition
  Bot Bash
  CIRC Robotics Club
  Citrus Robotics
  Critter Crunch
  DPRG Robo Rama
  Eurobot (France)
  F.I.R.S.T. Robot Challenge
  F.I.R.S.T.- Canada
  IEEE Robotics Club - Canada
  International Festival of Science & Technology (France)
  Killer Ants
  MicroBot Warriors
  MRC Midwest Robot Competition
  MURC Mid U.S. Robotics Club
  NCRSF North Carolina Robot StreetFight
  NERC: Northeast Robot Conflict
  OCAD Robot Sumo Challenge
  Pound of Pain
  RI/SME Student Robotic Engineering Challenge
  Robot Battles (Atlanta Dragon*Con)
  RobotCup Robot Soccer
  Robo-Joust (Las Vegas Street Fight)
  Robo Prize
  Robot Club & Grille
  Robot Sumo (Japan)
  Robot Sumo USA (SF RSA)
  Robot Wars
  Robot Wars U.K.
  Robots @ War
  Singapore Robotic Games
  South Eastern Combat Robots (SECR)
  SozBots (16oz Robots)
  Steel Conflict
  Steel Imperium
  Survival Research Laboratories
  TCMechWars - Twin Cities MechWars
  Tech Challenge
  TLC Robotica
  Trinity Collenge Fire Fighting Robot Contest
  Trinity LEGO Cybernetics Challenge
  Western Canada Robot Games

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