RobotCombat Event Reports

These reports and photos are "unofficial", in other words, not authorized or endorsed by BattleBots or any other Robot Combat organization.
These are simply my reports and collection of photos and memories from the events. - Jim

BattleBots May 19-28, 2002

-San Francisco (Treasure Island)-

Season 5.0 on Comedy Central
starting August 2002

BattleBotsIQ March 28-30, 2002

- Orlando, Florida -

First-ever BattleBots IQ Tournament

BattleBots Nov 4-11, 2001

-San Francisco (Treasure Island)-

Season 4.0 Was Broadcast on
Comedy Central starting 1.8.02

BattleBots May 22-28, 2001

-San Francisco (Treasure Island)-

Season 3.0 Was Broadcast on
Comedy Central starting 7.10.01

BattleBots Nov 17-19, 2000

-Las Vegas-

Season 2.0 Was Broadcast on
Comedy Central starting 12.12.00

BattleBots June 9-11, 2000

-San Francisco (Fort Mason)-

Season 1.0 Was Broadcast on
Comedy Central, Starting 8.23.00

BattleBots Nov 17, 1999

-Las Vegas-

Aired on Pay-Per-View 1.29.00

BattleBots Aug 14-15, 1999

-Long Beach-
Taped for BattleBots "Beginnings" videotape

Some interesting stats regarding BattleBots robots and TV history.

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