Inspiration for Nightmare


I wanted a cool look for this robot with the disc being the main focus, so everything I saw with a big disc in front inspired me.

This is a trench digger. Big, mean and cool looking huge disc on the front!

I wanted to get a couple of these stickers, but never got around to locating some/making some. Kind of fit the "dangerous robot" idea nicely...
This is what is known as a Bucket Wheel Excavator. Amazing machine is over 700 feet long, it is used to dig up massive amounts of earth in large mining areas. This is the BIGGEST baddest machine I have ever seen! From what I hear, there are 6 of these babies on our planet!
Here's the Bucket Wheel Excavator at night. Notice that small white speck on the lower left. That happens to be an automobile!

I can't get enough of this thing. Here it is again digging a massive trench. See the guy standing on the edge of the trench? Did I mention how BIG this sucker is???


Okay, enough already on the inspiration thing! Now back to reality....


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