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Hercules I

This is where it all started for Team Nightmare. Hercules I was my first-ever robot, a 185lb entry that appeared in Robot Wars '97. I began on Hercules in December 1996, and worked on him just about every weekend leading up to the event in August 1997. I used my living room and backyard for my work area (boy, my wife was glad to see everything finally go to the garage after the event!). I spent TONS of time and what totalled about $2500 to reach the final robot that you see in the photo above.

I was happy with the performance of this, my first robot, but I could have never predicted the damage that almost crippled 'Herc' during the first battle. But I had a BLAST, met a lot of cool people and had a GREAT crew that helped me out! It was my first real attempt at a robot, and I was pleased with the result and the whole experience.