2000 BattleBots - San Francisco
took place at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA, June 9-11, 2000
Aired on Comedy Central from August 23 thru December 5, 2000

The exclusive RobotCombat.com Report

SuperHeavyweight 'Bots
(211-325lbs wheeled, 316-488lbs legged)
Heavyweight 'Bots
(116-210lbs wheeled, 174-315lbs legged)
Middleweight 'Bots
(59-115lbs wheeled, 88-173lbs legged)
Lightweight 'Bots
(25-58lbs wheeled, 25-87lbs legged)
Event Photos
Some random photos from around event time.
Episode Guide
Guide of the episodes as they originally appeared on Comedy Central