Builders: Jim Smentowski, Jeremy Franklin, John Franklin
Driver: Jeremy Franklin
Weight: 60.0 pounds
Width: 6' 8"
Drive Motors: Two 3" Magmotor @ 4.5hp each
Drive Batteries: 24V Nickel Metal Hydride custom packs
Control System: IFI Isaac 16 and Thor 883s
Other Features: Spring Steel 'duckbill' wheelie bar, 8" diameter custom-formed Lexan tube, custom built heavy-duty gearboxes, over half the weight of Whirligig dedicated to the drive system alone
Four Alternate Weapon Configurations:

  • Titanium Rods with the deadly "Twisted Triangles"
  • Super heavy duty 13" steel springs
  • Aluminum shafts with "Twisted Triangles"
  • Front-mount wedge attachments