Two of The Swarm bots were able to enter the October 2001 BotBash tournament!

Stephen Felk with Mosquito, and I with Locust, drove down to Phoenix, AZ for another good Bot-Bashing time!

Because BotBash has different weight classes than BattleBots, The 'Superheavyweight' class was for robots up to 110 lbs. Each of The Swarm bots is about 108 lbs, so we decided to separate the individual bots to see how we fared on our own!

Paul was unable to make it to BotBash with Dragonfly.


Both Mosquito and Locust did very well in this tournament.

Here's a quick breakdown of how each bot did. Of course we knew there was a possibility that we would have to face each other in battle, and sure enough, it happened in the finals of the winner's bracket!

Mosquito's Fights

round 1 All Weather Tire Bot Won
round 2 Two-Fisted Won
round 3 Locust Won
round 4 Garm Won
    1st place!

Congratulations to Stephen for taking 1st place in the BotBash SuperHeavyweight division!

Locust drew some pretty tough bots in his bracket, but managed to smash his way to 3rd place!

Locust's Fights

round 1 Heavy Metal Noise Won
round 2 Garm Won
round 3 Mosquito Lost
round 4 (bracket 2) Garm Lost
    3rd place!

Locust's 3rd Place Trophy