This event was The Swarm's debut at BattleBots, and the first time a SuperHeavyweight Multubot had been attempted.

This also marked the first time three veteran builders, (and even rivals in other weight classes), made up a multibot team.

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The Swarm's first (and unfortunately, only) fight was against Dawn of Destruction in the prelims.

Dawn of Destruction was a completely hydraulic-powered robot with a lifting wedge in the front.

There was a big mess concerning this fight, it's too long of a story to get into here, but to make it short, The Swarm was disqualified after the match.

Many factors lead to this, but essentially it comes down the fact that multibots were still a new concept in BattleBots, and there were too many grey areas in the rules about how they should be run. We made a mistake, and vowed that it wouldn't happen again.

Dawn of Destruction advanced through the tournament, but not before we had poked a few holes in his steel armor! : )

Dawn of Destruction

The Swarm kicked back in the pits for the rest of the tournament. Oh well, next time!