The following announcement was released to the American BattleBots competitors on July 7, 2000.

Posted: 7/7/00


New York July 7th, 2000 - The SCI FI Channel's plans to produce its own Robot Combat show/event have currently been postponed indefinitely in an effort to further develop its programming concept. Our existing plans to tape our event in mid-November of this year are officially obsolete and, at this moment, no new production dates have been determined. Instead of pressing forward with our current production team and preliminary event scenarios, the network has instead opted to re-develop the show concept and production agendas under a newly formed development and production entity/subsidiary of the SCI FI Channel called SCI FI Labs. The last several months have afforded us an opportunity to renew our efforts to further familiarize ourselves with the robot design and fabrication community as well as the logistics involved in such an undertaking. As a result, we ultimately felt it best to not rush into anything before properly exhausting all our creative concepts and event planning scenarios. The network expects to be in a position to redefine its intentions by way of a follow-up press release in the next few months. We are very grateful to the individuals and teams that have already previously expressed an interest in participating and/or assisting in our event and look forward to an opportunity to rekindle those dialogues in the near future.

Nigel Cox-Hagan & Greg Choa
The SCI FI Channel
USA Networks
New York