The following announcement was released to the American BattleBots competitors on March 24, 2000.

Posted: 7/7/00

Greetings Robot Builder ,

The Sci Fi Channel is producing the ultimate robot combat event: the first all-out Îbot slugfest to feature 1000lbs-2000lbs. contestants. This is a real competition: oil will be spilt and servomotors severely bruised. Winners will walk away with a ton of glory and a substantial cash prize.

We are currently recruiting eligible robot makers. You (your group) have been suggested to us as an ideal candidate to participate in our production. Youâre tournament-honed fighting skills and innovative designs identify you as an elite, worthy combatant. Now, the only question is do you have the guts÷and the wiring÷to play in the big leagues?

The actual event will take place in the last week of August. The completed show will air in the final week of October. Please examine the attached overview document, which should answer your basic questions regarding the event. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more details at:

Please include a brief, informal r„sum„ detailing your experience building large robots and/or competing in tournaments. Sending images and video of your robots is also strongly encouraged.

Thank you,

SCI FI Channel

The Sci Fi Channel
C/O David Guinan/Nigel Cox-Hagan
1230 6th Ave, NY, NY, 10020