The following is an announcement from Robot Wars in November 2001:


Calling all Roboteers

We are pleased to announce that the second series of Robot Wars Extreme Warriors for TNN, will be filmed at the end of January 2002 in London, England.

If you are able to have a finished robot ready for this time and are available from around the 25th January for an approximate 10 day period, then please first read the new Rules and Regulations 2002 found at and then complete the attached Application Form and send it back as soon as possible to

Please note that the new Rules and Regulations 2002 contain a few changes to the 2001Rules. It is important that your robot is built with these updated rules in mind. If your robot fails to comply with these new rules, then your Application will not be successful.

There is also a possibility that a member of the Robot Wars Team will visit

you to evaluate the progress of your robot. This will probably take place next month.

If you plan to enter a robot that has taken part in 'Battle Bots', 'Robotica', or any similar event then you will have to re-name your robot and change the appearance to become eligible for Robot Wars.

Please remember that we are looking for 70 robots and have had over 20,000 applications to date. PLEASE ONLY APPLY if you can realistically have a robot built to the 2002 regulations, with an offensive weapon, within this short time frame.

Do not worry if you cannot build in time. I assure you that your email address will be kept on our database and we will contact you when we are planning another competition.

1) Further details on specific dates, the format of battles, travel arrangements etc will follow on receipt of your application form.
2) If you have any technical questions please e-mail our technical consultant at

I look forward to receiving any application forms as quickly as possible.

Neil Charlwood

Robot Wars Extreme Warriors Contestant Researcher.

P.S. You can find other versions of the Application Form on the website.