The following is an announcement from Robot Wars in April 2001:



Robot Wars is proud to announce a major two year deal with the BBC
featuring 64 televised episodes, new competitions,
appearance fees and prize funds!

This year’s TV recordings for the UK will be in two parts
in front of a live audience.

“Robot Wars: Extreme” and “Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars”

“RobotWars: Extreme” -15 episodes of extreme destruction and entertainment featuring some of the best fighting machines in the world. We hope to record the series at Earl’s Court in Central London during ‘Tomorrow’s World Live’ (27 June - 1 July 2001) and it will provisionally feature All-Stars Tournament, Annihilators, Mayhems, international battles and many other combat based formats, games and competitions.

At the same time we will also be recording “Robot Wars: The US Championships” for American Network TV featuring over 30 US based teams and their robots.

And finally during this period, we will be staging “Robot Wars: The Second World Championships” featuring teams from all over the world including the UK and USA. The competition will offer a prize fund of more than $50,000!

“RobotWars: The Fifth Wars” will feature 15 programmes of competitive action to decide the British champion – can Chaos 2 hold on to his crown for a third year? The series will be recorded in August 2001. Venues and dates will be confirmed shortly.

A qualifying event for the ‘Fifth Wars’ will be held in early August. Any British based robot may enter and we welcome all newcomers. Automatic entry will be given to the top 16 robots in our current British rankings with a further eight discretionary places. All other teams will have to qualify to participate.

All teams chosen to participate in the ‘Fifth Wars’ will receive an appearance fee. Prize money will also be on offer depending on the stage of the competition reached. This year’s prize fund is in excess of £10,000!

All this and ‘Robot Wars Live’ - a major seven city tour - and TV recordings for Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and more!

Further details on qualifying procedures, dates, venues, appearance fees, prizes, and the entry requirements for the ‘World Championships’ and much more besides, will follow shortly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as Robot Wars enters the most exciting, ambitious and destructive phase of its history!

Please note, venues, dates and other details described above may change due to circumstances beyond our control. We also reserve the right to make any changes we deem appropriate and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to competitors, audience members and any other affected parties. No responsibility can be accepted by us for any action taken on the basis of the information in this announcement.

Mentorn Barraclough Carey Productions Limited 12 April 2001

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