The following is an announcement from Robotica on August 3, 2001, sent only to those builders selected for Series 2 & 3:


August 3, 2001

Congratulations! You have been chosen to compete on Season 2 & 3 of Robotica!

In the coming days and weeks, we will be in contact with you regarding specifics and rule updates, but for the time being, here is a brief description of the three courses that you will be competing on:

The Gauntlet: Unlike last season, The new Guantlet will be in the shape of a diamond. If this were a baseball diamond, both robots would start at home plate, one robot speeding towards first base, and the other towards third base. There will be obstacles along the way and an open section in the "second base" area where the bots can meet head to head. It doesn't end there. The bots then continue on to home plate, having to navigate the rubble left behind by their competitor. A certain number of points will be awarded for each obstacle you get through. The obstacles will be similar to the first season (glass, bricks, etc.).

The Labyrinth: This course will be similar to the maze in the first season. However, this year it will be an open maze, with more than one path to the center. Robots will start on opposite sides, and the first robot to the center wins. There will be obstacles to overcome, as in the first season, including a water hazard. In addition, we will have feisty, autonomous, house bots. These "rats" will be obstructing your way to the center.

The Fight to the Finish: This will be similar to the 1st season, but the ring will be larger and the drop more treacherous. There will also be a huge pendulum swinging across the ring. One major change from season one: all robots will be required to have an active weapon for The Fight to the Finish!

Your main contacts for rules, safety questions, and design approvals will be:

Aaron Wiener (323) 468-4626

Mike Walsh (323) 468-4625

As many of you may know, we are shooting seasons two and three back-to-back. You will be informed shortly about which season you will be competing in, and we will also provide you with firm dates.

It is safe to say you should have your battle-ready bot ready to ship to Los Angeles by mid-October. You will be contacted regarding travel and robot shipping. For now, concentrate on designing and building the winning robot!

We are thrilled that you will be a contestant on an upcoming season of Robotica. Please respond to this email immediately to confirm your spot on the show.


Andrew Greenberger
Mike Walsh
Aaron Wiener

Segment Producers, "Robotica"