The following is a follwup to the announcement of the Robot Wars Settlement as posted on the Robot Wars Forum by Gary Pini on 3/8/99:

From:   Gary Pini (GPINI)
Posted:   3/8/99 7:23 AM


Sorry I've never posted here before but I thought it was inappropriate to do so before the settlement was approved by the court. For some reason, people think that we wanted to change the format of the live event to be like the British television show. That was never the case. We always wanted the live event to be seperate and distinct from the "entertainment" format of the T.V. show. There's no reason why they can't co-exist and there's no reason why they both can't be successful. So this years San Francisco event, tentatively scheduled for August 20-22 at Fort Mason, will use the same exact format that we have always used. As for questions about interference from cameras during the event, we've been filming the event since the first year without any interference at all.