Nightmare's First Fight- vs. Surgeon General

Nightmare's first fight was versus Team Loki's new heavyweight entry, Surgeon General.

Once again, I had taken a look around the pits, sizing up the competition, and as always, I make a mental list of the bots that I worry about the most, well, what do you know, but here's another big worry of mine that I have to face in my first fight- Surgeon General! Yikes!

Surgeon General has a large spinning disc, much like Nightmare, except his spins horizontally. Surgeon General's disc sports four large tool steel sharpened teeth. He has a powerful drive system and can run upside down. Needless to say, I was worried about facing this bot.

At the start of the match, both Nightmare and Surgeon General spun up their weapons and approached each other. Surgeon General stopped, and attempted to come around the side of Nightmare, but I turned Nightmare instantly into SG and the spinning discs crashed together in what must have been the loudest sound I have ever heard come out of the BattleBox. After the impact, it was hard to tell what had happened, but within a couple seconds, I noticed that pieces of Surgeon General's shattered disc were raining down on the arena floor! His disc had been destroyed! The top half of Surgeon General had also been peeled back.

Stunned, but not deterred, Surgeon General, weaponless now, moved around to the side of Nightmare, where he proceeded to try to push his attacker in to an arena trap, but I pushed back with Nightmare. At one point, Surgeon General backs over the killsaws, and the remainder of the match is both of us pushing each other around, it comes down to a judge decision, and Nightmare wins, 30-15.

This fight did not air on TV.

Surgeon General

Damage to Nightmare's disc from Surgeon General
(his was much worse) ; )

Surgeon General's forcibly-removed S7 tool-steel tooth


More pics of Nightmare from BBLV00

Nightmare showing off for the camera, new disc, new teeth, new wheel mounts, new belt drive, and more!


Nightmare relaxes in the parking lot.


Another post-battle shot of Nightmare


Special thanks go out to those who helped in getting Nightmare through this event: These guys were a HUGE help to me, and deserve extra gratitude and recognition.

- Don Lariviere for his fantastic work on cutting out Nightmare's new disc
- Dan Cherney for his excellent machining and long hours on Nightmare's new teeth
- Ramon Ebert for all his hard work on the Team Nightmare pit crew and beyond
- 'Richie the Welder' for his help in welding up Nightmare's new wheel supports
- Todd Mendenhall for his great work on Nightmare's weapon motor, motor mount and other work, prepared by the SORC Workshop.