The goal with this robot was to try to build a small scale model of my Heavyweight robot, Nightmare.

This mean little spinner is only one pound (16 ounces), and was built in July 2003.

  January 22 2005 : MicroNightmare won several fights at the Marin Ant Wars, but didn't place this time. Fought to 5th place at this event.
  October 9-10 2004: MicroNightmare fought through several tough opponents at the RFL Nationals, but did not place this time.
July 1-4 2004: MicroNightmare fought his way to a 1st place championship at the NPC Charity Open in Anoka, Minnesota, fighting the final round against my other bot, ShazBot. Donald Hutson was guest-driving ShazBot.
  June 8-9 2004: MicroNightmare fought at the Tensilica SOZbots event in San Diego, California. This was a multi-day event, and he fought only 1 day, but didn't place in the finals.

May 22 2004: MicroNightmare won the 1st place championship at the Sacbots Gilroy Bot Gauntlet in Gilroy, CA!


April 1 2004: This was an event with a new competition each day, on day 3, MicroNightmare took 5th place at the Tensilica SOZbots 3.4 event at the Tensilica booth in San Francisco, CA. He won 2 out of 4 fights.


March 31 2004: MicroNightmare fought at the Tensilica SOZbots 3.3 event at the Tensilica booth in San Francisco, CA. He won only 1 out of 3 fights, so took 9th place.

March 20-21 2004: MicroNightmare won 1st place at the SOZbots 3.1 event at the RobOlympics event in San Francisco, CA. He went undefeated all the way to win the championship!


December 13 2003: MicroNightmare competed at the SOZbots 2.7 event at the RSA Holiday Games in San Francisco, CA. He fought in 5 fights, but didn't quite make it past that, and took 6th place.


October 18 2003: MicroNightmare competed at the Sacbash event in Sacramento, CA. Split a few bots apart, but didn't win this time.

August 30 2003: MicroNightmare fought at the Robot Assault event in Henderson, North Carolina. He fought his way to 2nd place this tournament!


August 16 2003: MicroNightmare competed at the SOZbots 2.6 event at Steel Conflict 4, in Los Angeles, CA. Although he didn't win, he put on a good fight and took 5th place. 3 wins, 2 losses.

July 27 2003: MicroNightmare won First Place at his first competition, the SOZbots 2.5 event at the RSA Robot Games in San Francisco! 5 wins, 0 losses.

More photos below:

MicroNightmare's 5.5" titanium disc (which is 1/4 of his total weight!) is powered by a Hacker B20 brushless motor. This motor is running at 14.8V on two 1200mah LiPoly battery packs for maximum destruction power!

MicroNightmare took about 4 days to build.

In testing on the last day after completion, MicroNightmare was repeatedly launching a 1lb box OVER my 4 foot tall workbench, and was cutting 3" long gashes THROUGH an industrial-duty 5 gallon plastic bucket and tossing it 6 feet away. SWEET!

Packed full of goodies from the Robot MarketPlace!

- Two 1200mah 2-cell LiPoly batteries in series for 14.8V

- SOZbots SOZDSCR2 speed controller

- Copal 60:1 drive motors

- Hacker B20-26L motor with 4:1 gearhead

- Phoenix 10 brushless motor controller

- Futaba R133F receiver

- Lite Flite 1.5" wheels

- Custom Carbon fiber frame

Building my own custom pulleys and 'bearings' that would hold up to the huge impacts and high speeds were part of the fun challenge.

That's a 5mm 6-4 titanium shaft in there.

MicroNightmare says "hello" to ShazBot, my other 1 pound Antweight robot. ShazBot is sporting his new, shiny Hexcel Texalium Carbon Fiber armor.

Special thanks to DCWaterJet for their help with MicroNightmare's disc!