6 . 10 . 98

Dear Robot Warriors,

I am writing to each of you again to fully illuminate the shaded and self-serving half truths being disseminated by Profile. And, I want to inform you that I have already responded positively to Profile's belated and disingenuous invitation to hold the event in August. Copies of Profile's letters and my letter are attached.

This has been a long frustrating experience for everyone that loves the annual event. Not surprisingly, the facts and issues associated with the situation are complex, dynamic, and tedious as well. For those of you who have not already been saturated by the dispute here are more facts that I hope will at least clarify matters for you.

  • Profile has an injunction in place preventing the event from moving ahead and has vigorously resisted my efforts to lift that injunction.

  • The only reason the event went ahead in 1997 was because I forced Profile to let me go ahead with the event over the injunction that Profile had obtained last year.

  • Profile was the one that proposed that I put on the event for the $10 license fee because it knew that the event had lost money in the past and probably would lose money or at best break even and that I would need all of the proceeds of the event to cushion against my likely losses. So, I formed Stickman Presents, Inc. and we worked out a license for my company to produce RW97. The annual events at Fort Mason have never promised financial viability due to high costs and very limited seating. Rather the events serve as an instrument to generate licensing opportunities. My license for RW97 suggested by Profile, furthered Profile's objectives without Profile taking on any risk. All the risk was mine. Any financial benefit to me from RW97 was wiped out by a huge personal debt that I incurred in my continued efforts with regard to the annual event and a resolution.

  • Profile has two law firms suing me. A litigation search of select jurisdictions in CA and NY alone revealed that Profile has been involved in at least 21 law suits since 1986.

  • Immediately following RW97 I fought with Profile over publicity. My publicist and I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunity for publicity after the success of the event. Profile refused to agree to it due to cost. When I offered to pay for it myself Profile still refused saying that it would result in a tax consequence to the Joint Venture.

  • After RW97 there was a great demand for a video tape of RW97. Profile fought me over selection of the video producer. My producer, Highlight Productions (RW94-95) was rejected by the federal judge in favor of Profileõs choice, Bill Rudgard, who now is a producer for Mentorn Films in the UK. Still, there is no RW97 video despite my requests that I be permitted to edit the footage at my own expense if necessary.

  • Similarly, Profile has steadfastly refused to give approval for updating the RW web site despite numerous requests by me.

  • Profile refused to give approval to two Discovery Channel shows, Worlds of Wonder and How'd They Do That? for broadcast of their shows about RW97 that were completed and ready to air.

  • Profile has since 1996 refused to negotiate deals with interested third parties for network and cable TV, Pay TV, toys, books, internet sponsorship, foreign rights, etc.

  • When one of you stood up and made an effort to preserve the event by staging it himself, Profile called him and threatened to sue him if he persisted.

  • My so called "partner" Profile secretly set up a company, Robot Wars, Ltd. without my knowledge or consent, entered into the contract with Mentorn films using Robot Wars Limited without my knowledge or consent and to date has refused to account to me or tell me about Robot Wars Limited.

    I have made it well known to Profile that I wanted an annual event to be held whether it is produced by Stickman Presents or by the Joint Venture. It is just a fact that the event can't be produced by the Joint Venture until there is either a temporary accommodation to let the event proceed or a "global" resolution to the dispute. The RW97 license was a temporary accomodation. It makes sense that in lieu of a global resolution we use the same mechanism while we continue to seek a global resolution.

    Profile claims I walked away from three deals. That is not true. I put every effort into reaching a fair and workable agreement. Unfortunately, Profile failed or refused to document the agreement that I felt we had reached in a manner that both reflected my understanding of the deal and assurred me that I would ultimately receive the benefit of the bargain I thought I had made.

    This is a broad overview of a very complex and dynamic conflict. I would like all of you to know that just because this years annual event is in serious jeopardy doesn't mean that the sport is in danger of dying. It is not.


    Marc Thorpe