Subject: Response
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 21:12:14 EDT

Dear Robot Warriors,

I am forced to respond to Profile's letter because I have reviewed it and it is inaccurate in several material respects. People know me and they know my intentions are honorable and that my first and foremost goal is to let the robot warriors enjoy the benefits of Robot Wars events. The only reason the event went ahead last year was because, despite Profilešs refusal to consent to holding the event and its efforts to enjoin the event from taking place, I was able as a part of the litigation to reach a temporary accommodation that let the event proceed. This year the reason the event isn't going forward is because Profile has enjoined me from organizing the event and has again refused to permit the event to go ahead.

I have tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a resolution with Profile Records and Mr. Plotnicki. His characterization of the negotiations is inaccurate. I am not in a position today to disclose all of the events and all of the issues but suffice it to say the arrangements that were documented by Profile's attorneys were not the arrangements that were proposed by me.

If you want more information about what Robot Warriors are up to in these uncertain times, you can visit which is a news group that has been formed by robot warriors to discuss matters concerning robot wars. I will be providing information about my personal situation as and when I am able to do so.


Marc Thorpe