Subject: RW98 information
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 20:04:00 EDT

Dear Robot Warrior,

RW98 is planned for August 14-16 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The tournament may be held in a larger building at FMC this year if the number of entries approaches or exceeds that of RW97 which was 75 robot entries. In advance of entry forms I recommend that you refer to for RW97 rules etc.*

Modifications / changes intended for RW98 are listed below. **

  1. The Heavy Weight limit same as RW97 -- 180 lbs.
  2. Heavy Weight Legged weight limit same as RW97 -- 350 lbs.
  3. Cameras not exempt from weight limits
  4. Fire arms and ammunition not permitted
  5. Gas not permitted as a weapon
  6. Robots weighed before each match
  7. Robots will be weighed "wet" with fuel, CO2 or other liquid necessary and permitted.
  8. No point system for judging. When there is not a decisive winner the audience decides the winner as it did prior to 1997 with judgment based upon RW 97 judging criteria.
  9. Robots that become stuck in any part of the arena subject to the 30 sec. clock after which time if the robot cannot move the match is forfeited.
  10. Bigger venue, bigger pit, more seating
  11. Better tournament scheduling and procedures
  12. Unsponsored entry fee of $100 per robot -- all weight classes
  13. Sponsored entry fee of $200 per robot -- all weight classes
  14. A limit on rotary weapon power not to exceed that of any past robot entries
These are some of the basic changes / improvements that I see as important. Take these into account in reviewing the rules and guidelines currently posted on the robot wars web site in advance of any official update.*

Marc Thorpe

* Check out: for "how to" info and general info. and. . .
visit for RW97 photos/info.

** As with past RW events (and events in general) postponement, cancellation, and, or, changes in dates, rules, etc. can occur at any time.