Helichopper is Team Nightmare's first attempt at a horizontal spinner. Yes, I've often said I hate horizontal spinners, but I finally decided to try it out. So far it has been fun, but I'm not thoroughly convinced. (Team Nightmare, after all, has always been about vertical spinners, so this was mostly just an experiment anyway.)

Helichopper Details:
Year built: 2010
weight: 30 pounds
2-wheel drive
brushless motor friction-driving a 15lb spinning titanium bar with tool steel bocks
lots of LEDs
various types of self-righting bars that can be screwed into the top shaft

Competed in:
     ComBots Cup V (1 loss to Bird of Prey and 1 loss to The Bully)
     RoboGames 2011 (1 win over Embalmer and 1 loss to Touro Feather)