Grasshopper is a 108lb robot. He was originally built as "Locust" as part of the SuperHeavyweight Multibot "The Swarm", but has since been replaced by a newer, more powerful Locust. Rather than disassemble this bot and retire him, I've decided to keep him together as a just-for-fun robot, one that I can take to events and compete in the 120lb class, so I just changed his name.

Since this bot was originally built to take on the SuperHeavyweights, he is extremely durable when fighting other 120lb bots. Grasshopper is also the fastest, yet easiest to control, robot I've ever built, with the help of his built-in active gyro system.

Grasshopper has competed in several small tournaments, including BotBash 2001, Las Vegas Street Fight III & IV, and Friday Night Fights.

Grasshopper will remain together as my "backup, old-reliable" bot. Maybe someday I'll add a new weapon to him, now that he's no longer part of The Swarm, he can afford to add a little weight and stay a 120lb Middleweight!

You can read all about how this bot was constructed on the Locust 1 page. Very little has changed since he was changed over to Grasshopper.