The best work I did at ILM was probably on the film "Galaxy Quest" (1999). This was actually a very enjoyable film, and I really had a great time on it.

My job was to do the animatics for about two dozen shots, mostly consisting of the animation of the Protector starship. Once my animatics were approved, they took my animation's camera data and fed it directly into the camera computer on the stage, which moved the camera around a stationary 8-foot model of the Protector, using the numbers that I had generated. So, essentially, I did the animation for a lot of these shots as it appeared in the film!

I also worked on some small design elements, including a 3D rotating galaxy that appeared in the beginning of the film, during the 'vintage' show segment.

I've composed a short Quicktime clip (8.5Mb) that exhibits some of these shots, as I had them in animatic form, and then how they appeared in the final film.