2000 BattleBots - Las Vegas
November 16-19, 2000

Event Pictures

page updated on 12/21/00

unless otherwise marked, photos are by Ray Ebert and Jim Smentowski

Pictures from the Las Vegas 2000 Event

The 2000 Las Vegas BattleBots was held at the All-American Sport Park at the south end of the "Strip" in Las Vegas. This is the same venue where the 2000 BattleBots PayPerView was filmed.

A pretty decent spot with fair seating and room for everyone involved.

This is Tent City. Three huge tents for the pits this time, contestants scattered far and wide between the 3 tents.

Some tents had no heat at all, which was a big pain for those handling near-freezing temperature metal with bare fingers. Las Vegas can get pretty cold in November!!


The pits were always bustling with activity. Crowded and loud, it was definitely one of the coolest places to be, walking around talking with people involved.

There were over 130 robots competing this time, so there was need for LOTS of pit area!

Robots were not allowed to be turned on in the pits, so many builders opted to test and activate their bots outside the tents, where everyone else was protected by that thin layer of canvas and plastic.

High speed carts shuttled the robots between the venue and the pit areas.

One tent had the robot photo areas, in the far left is the 3D turntable where each robot got captured in 3D space for future posting on the web.

On the right side is the standard 2D photo area, this was always a popular and long line, this is a rare shot of no robots in line.

On the opposite end of the park, a professional film crew had a turntable setup of their own, built to take some cool 'teaser' shots of the bots for future commercials on Comedy Central.

This is when Backlash was getting filmed. (Note the screen in the lower right)

The same film shots being done for my other bot, Nightmare.

The BattleBots pit office was inside the sports park. Here Dawna and Erica are scrambling around getting things organized. Kudos to the great BattleBots team for making things run so smoothly!

Since cameras weren't allowed in the arena area during the event, I didn't get to snap any shots of the area until it was getting torn down afterwards.

Here you can see the sets and arena coming down, this gives you an idea of the seating arrangements and space available.

Another shot of the arena coming down. This team of crewbots was FAST!

This is some damage to the arena floor caused by Nightmare during the Heavyweight Rumble! As far as I know, no other bot has been able to significantly damage the BattleBox until now.

Another shot of this 7 inch gash left in the steel floor by Nightmare. Just to the side of the arena saws.

Arena parts stacked up, ready for the trip back to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The dreaded control board, Peter Lambertson's evil tool that controls all the arena hazards during battle. Here it is once again quiet, waiting to get back on the truck.

Silent once again, the pits are deserted after the event.

Whew! What a show! I can't wait to do it all over again!

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