The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on August 24, 2001:

BattleBots Builders,

In an effort to increase safety, parity and clarity, we at BattleBots Inc.
have been hard at work on a completely NEW set of BattleBots Rules,
Regulations and Guidelines. Re-written from the ground up, the new rules
strive to better define the safety and fairness requirements of BattleBot
Building and Competing.

As our sport grows, so must the rules governing it, and it is our hope that
these new regulations will serve us well into the future.

Without further ado, here is information pertaining to the new BattleBots
rules. The new rules will be divided into three sections as follows:

1. BattleBots Technical Regulations ("Tech Regs") define the requirements
specific to BattleBot design and construction.

A preliminary release is available at

You must have Adobe Acrobat® to view and print this preliminary release.

Please Note that this is Version "0.9" of the Tech Regs; the Final Release
Version 1.0 is planned to be posted shortly. Note that any changes between
0.9 and 1.0 will be for clarification and error correction purposes only;
there will be no changes to the regulations themselves. If you have
completely studied the Tech Regs and there is something that you just don't
understand, send us an e-mail clearly stating your point of confusion. If
you find something you think is in error, let us know. If there is something
in the new Tech Regs that you don't like, please hold off your comments
until after the Version 1.0 is published.

The new Tech Regs will be in effect for the next BattleBots event. See for information regarding the next
BattleBots event.

2. BattleBots Builder's Guide: A supplement to the Technical Regulations
will be the BattleBots Builder's Guide, which will contain suggestions and
recommendations for building and testing BattleBots.

The BattleBots Builder's Guide will be posted to our website shortly

3. BattleBot Tournament Rules and Procedures (TR&P): As the name implies,
this document defines the duties and responsibilities of all officials and
participants at a BattleBots tournament. Also, it clearly describes the
rules for BattleBot combat. Finally, it guides you through the various steps
involved in entering, setting-up, getting inspected and competing at

This document will be posted to our website as soon as possible.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Our Safety/Technical inspectors have the final say on
whether a BattleBot is safe to compete.

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Building, BattleBots Inc.