The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on August 15, 2001:


Dear BattleBots Competitor:

It has come to our attention that some BattleBots contestants are planning
to compete in other robotic combat TV shows in the near future. Ultimately,
the variety of TV tournaments out there today is great for our sport. We
fully support all of you in your efforts to diversify your tournament

However, if you enter another TV tournament with a robot of the same
likeness or name as your BattleBots robot, our merchandising licensees
(toys, video games, apparel companies, etc.) will refuse to use your robot.
Our licensees require that BattleBots Inc. have exclusive use rights as to
the likeness or name of each BattleBots robot that is submitted for
merchandising. If you enter your BattleBots robot in another TV tournament,
the exclusivity that is essential to the licensing endeavor will be lost.

Furthermore, even if your robot never makes it into the actual telecasts on
Comedy Central, we cannot use your robot for licensing purposes due to the
legal risks involved.

In order not to complicate matters, we would appreciate it if you could be
mindful of these issues for future reference. We welcome your questions and
or comments at In the meantime, best of luck in
your building and we hope to see you at our next event!


BattleBots Inc.
Licensing Division