The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on March 22, 2001:


Greetings BattleBot Builders,

As the May competition rapidly approaches there are a number of issues that
need clarification before your robot is allowed entry into the contest.

REGISTRATION If you plan on competing and you have not already done so,
please register immediately for the May competition.

There are two (2) ways to register:

1. Offline – Download the BattleBots
Player Agreement and Entry form (available at You must have Adobe
Acrobat to view this file (hard copies are available by emailing a request
to Print this document and read the instructions
carefully. BattleBots Inc. must receive all registration materials no later
than April 2nd.

2. Online – Go to Follow the
instructions to register your BattleBot. NOTE: Registering online does not
automatically qualify you for the May event. You MUST still mail us your
registration materials (entry fee(s), team photographs, tax form, and signed
agreement). BattleBots Inc. must receive all registration materials in good
order no later than April 2nd. If these materials are not received by the
April 2nd deadline your robot will not be allowed to compete (even if you
registered online).

EVENT SCHEDULE Over 400 robots have registered for the May competition!
While this represents incredible growth for the sport and we’re very excited
to see so many people interested in building BattleBots, we must be
practical in terms of event staging and event costs. The only way we can
accommodate this many robots is to either add more event days or modify the
competition to allow for qualifying rounds (or a combination of both).
Shortly after the April 2nd entry deadline we will post (and email) a
revised schedule and inform you of any competition modifications.

NOTE: Do not make any firm travel commitments until you have received this
revised schedule. The schedule posted on the web page is
tentative and subject to change.

EVENT LOGISTICS With over 400 robots registered so far we are quickly
approaching a capacity that will make it impossible to stage a single
elimination competition in the time we have allotted. Therefore, we may
have to impose some kind of qualifying process designed to quickly determine
the best bots. Shortly after the April 2nd entry deadline we will post (and
email) our decision regarding qualifying heats. Our aim is to give every
BattleBot a chance to fight in the BattleBox (so long as they pass
safety/technical inspection).

That’s it for now. All registered competitors should expect an email update
shortly after the April 2nd deadline.

Until then, good luck, be smart & safe, and happy building.

BattleBots Inc.