The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on May 7, 2004:

Attention all Bot Builders,

BattleBots and the Minnesota Manufacturing Educational Resource (MMER) are proud to announce:

The NPC Charity Open: June 29 - July 4 2004, Minneapolis, MN

The NPC Charity Open will be produced and organized by MMER, and the event will be sanctioned* by BattleBots, Inc. Big prizes to be awarded to top finishers. This reunion event will bring Bot Builders together for six days of high-impact action and fun-filled camaraderie, all in a vast, 100,000 square foot venue with plenty of pit room. This will be the place to showcase your new ideas, or bring back old favorites, and get them ready for BattleBots 6.0 coming later this year!

The NPC Charity Open will feature 60, 120, 220 and 340 pound robots in the MMER 40'x40' Arena, as well as the inaugural showing of the new Megaweight Walker Class (details on the Megaweight Walker Class will be posted soon). Sub-light competitions will also be held behind the scenes for builder enjoyment.

Proceeds from this event will go to support the Minnesota Manufacturing Educational Resources (MMER): an organization dedicated to bringing hands-on learning activities to students throughout the Midwest. Anchoring MMER's list of activities is the BattleBots IQ program [ ]; proceeds from this event will go to support scholarships for first time high school teams and teacher training classes.

Details on rules, schedule, shipping, hotels, registrations, arena hazards, prizes, etc. will be posted on the Builders Database web site here:

Break a Bot
BattleBots and MMER

*A BattleBots sanctioned event means that while BattleBots will not be producing this event, the event is sanctioned by BattleBots, and will be conducted under the BattleBots Technical Regulations, and the BattleBots Tournament Rules and Procedures. However, as this is strictly a charity event, official records will be published on a special page on the BattleBots website. MMER will be producing this event and will be responsible for all event logistics and organization. Any questions please contact MMER at [ ]. MMER helped organize the 2004 BattleBots IQ Nationals -- Builders, you are in good hands!