The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on March 19, 2004:


BattleBots Events 2004:
BattleBots is planning a number of events for 2004 and we're sending you this email to 1) give you pre-release information on these events and 2) survey your interest in participating (see online survey details below).

Here is a glimpse into our plans for the 2004 events:

Event #1:
BattleBots IQ MMER Challenge - April 21-25, 2004, Owatonna Minnesota. Inaugural College Division back-to-back with the High School and TableTop Robot Divisions. For more information check out

Event #2:
NPC Charity Open, BattleBots/Minnesota Manufacturing Education Resource (MMER), July 4th weekend - July 1-5, 2004, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Charity event to help raise awareness for the MMER and support its education foundation. Prizes to be awarded through 3rd place in each weight class.

Event #3:
BattleBots is also planning an end-of-the-year event in Mare Island California -- possibly in November.

Event #2 and #3 Details:
- Four weight classes (Lightweight through Super Heavyweight)
- Clean slate in regards to ranking and seeding
- A revised Players Agreement allowing for 'Opt-in” exclusive merchandising rights & royalties
- New arena obstacles challenging wedges and other low-clearance robots

Event 2 and 3 will be videotaped for television broadcast.

Active Weapons:
BattleBots is considering the implementation of active weapon requirements for the end-of-the-year event. Details to be released.

Megaweight Walker Class:
BattleBots is also considering the creation of a new 340 - 500 lbs. Walker only Exhibition Class. If there were enough builder interest, BattleBots would debut this class as soon as the July event. If you are interested in building for this new weight class please let us know by completing our online survey (details below).

Online Survey:
To gauge builder participation interest for the upcoming BattleBots events, we have set up an online survey. It would help us greatly if all builders could thoughtfully complete this form, it will aid us in our planning and help us evaluate event logistics. Please do not delay; the survey will close April 2nd, 2004.

Go to to participate in the survey.

Robot Wars:
The final chapter of almost seven years of litigation involving Profile Records, Marc Thorpe, Robot Wars, and BattleBots is about to start, as the trial in the case of Astor Holdings (formerly Profile Records) v. Roski and BattleBots is scheduled to start on April 13, 2004. Although the court granted "summary judgment" to BattleBots and Trey on most of Profile's case last August, a few remaining issues will be tried. The trial will be held in the United States Courthouse in Manhattan, New York, located at 40 Centre Street. The trial will be in Courtroom 443, and the public is free to attend. The trial is estimated to last for 7-8 days.

Stay tuned for further details.

Best regards and good building,
BattleBots Inc.

Although we do not anticipate any major changes in event plans, BattleBots reserves the right to alter, postpone, or cancel events if necessary.