The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on September 23, 2002:


BattleBots Inc. would like to inform the robot building community as to
our future plans. Although we are dismayed by the Comedy Central decision
not to renew for a Phase 6.0 Taping in November 2002, we are heartened by
our promising opportunities and options for the future.

We are presently pursuing options with other television networks. We hope
to revamp the format of our show by highlighting the builders as athletic
heroes and high-tech role models. We will try to have the next incarnation
of BattleBots on TV showcase the "behind the scenes" technologies of the
sport, with far less emphasis on satire and innuendo. We are doing our
utmost to make this a reality. Stay tuned for updates.

We are also exploring the prospect of creating a "BattleBots Live USA
Tour." This regional tournament circuit could tour up to eight (8) cities
in the United States and follow a double elimination format. The regional
advancers from this preliminary circuit would move onto a grand finale
tournament that would crown the national champions of each weight class.
We are very excited about this because it may usher in a brand new live
event series for the sport of BattleBots. Stay tuned for more news on this
front as well.

Although most of the aforementioned plans are still in the preliminary
stages, we wanted you to know that we are working tirelessly to keep the
sport flourishing at the highest level. Please remember that we are
counting on your continued support and commitment. In the meantime, take
care and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


BattleBots Inc.