The following announcement was released to the BattleBot contestants on September 25, 2001:


The next BattleBots Tournament will take place from November 3rd through
November 11th, 2001 at Studio 3 on Treasure Island, San Francisco. The
Tournament will be taped for Season 4.0 of the "Comedy Central Sports
Presents BattleBots" television series. This will be an all weight class

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The November 2001 Tournament will consist of two distinct components - a
Preliminary Competition and a Final Competition. All rookie BattleBots AND
all unseeded, veteran BattleBots ranked 17th and above will be required to
compete in the Preliminary Competition. The Preliminary Competition will
conclude when there are thirty-two (32) BattleBots advancing from each
weight class. These thirty-two (32) advancers will continue on to the Final
Competition where they will take on the top sixteen (16) seeded BattleBots
in each weight class "(Sweet Sixteen").

Seedings are determined by the BattleBots Active Rankings System. Rankings
take into consideration a BattleBot's past performance and match history. We
will not release final seedings until the first day of the Preliminary
Competition. Seedings cannot be made official until we know who actually
shows up for the Tournament. Nevertheless, the Historical Rankings are
posted online in order to give competitors a general idea of how the
seedings will be bracketed in November.

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1. Start by building/completing a BattleBot that conforms entirely to our
newly re-written BattleBots Rules, Regulations, Procedures and Guidelines.
Your BattleBot must also be 100% operational by November 3rd, 2001.

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2. Register Online for the November 3-11, 2001 Tournament using the
BattleBots Online Registration System.

3. Mail to BattleBots Inc. ALL required registration materials before the
entry deadline. These include:

* BattleBot Players Agreement
* Entry Fees
* Tax Form
* Pit Pass Photos

4. Complete your Bot and show up Treasure Island ready to Battle!

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BattleBots Inc. must receive all registration materials no later than
October 5th, 2001. Please be sure to read all registration instructions and
notes carefully. If your registration is received incomplete, you will not
be accepted into the tournament.

NOTE: Due to limited time and space considerations, BattleBots Inc. may have
to impose a limit on the total number of entrants allowed in the November
Tournament. It has always been our goal to do whatever it takes to
accommodate all BattleBots Builders. But at this time registration for the
November Tournament will be on first-come, first-served basis. We will do
our best to accommodate as many entrants as possible, and we are working on
scenarios to maximize our participation levels. Nevertheless, some type of
limitation will likely be imposed. We will keep you posted as registration

BattleBots Inc. is considering starting smaller, regional events sometime in
the spring of 2002. If you cannot attend the November Tournament, look for
information in the future regarding regional competitions.

Look for more detailed updates and links from our office shortly. In the
meantime, good luck in your preparations and we'll be looking for you in


BattleBots Inc.