The following is a letter Marc Thorpe posted on 3/12/99 as posted on the Robot Wars Forum:

From: marc (MARCTHORPE)
Posted: 3/12/99 11:02 PM

It just doesn't seem to matter how hard I try to escape the legal travails of Robot Wars, even to go so far as giving up my ownership interest, I am drawn back in . . . having to once again peck at the altar of word processing, on a weekend, a message of clarification, explaination, or rationale. What is it this time? Two things. First, since Trey Roski recently announced that he is producing an event similiar to RW called BattleBots my attorney informed me that Steve Plotnicki's attorney informed him that Steve believes that I am secretly working with Trey in violation of the non-compete clause of the settlement agreement. I want everyone to know that I have nothing to do with BattleBots or Trey's business in any way. He is a dear friend and I wish him well with all he does but I have no involvement at all with BattleBots. The first I heard about it was the day of the press release.Second, I have also said that I wish Steve Plotnicki the best of luck and success with the event that he is planning this summer. I say this not simply because I am looking forward and not back but because as I said in a previous post I stand to benefit from his success. However, according to Steve's attorney, and Gary Pini, and in a letter that I received today from Steve, I am not living up to my obligations within the settlement agreement. Specifically, they say that I am not doing enough to get robot builders to participate in Steve's event and to rehabilitate his reputation. So. . . once and for all. . . imagine me opening my front door, standing with hands cupped on either side of my mouth, shouting at the top of my lungs for all to hear, "STEVE PLOTNICKI IS A NICE GUY AND I WANT EVERYONE FROM BILL CLINTON TO C3PO TO COME TO RW99 BECAUSE IT WILL BE THE BEST EVENT EVER!"Hopefully, this will satisfy all concerned and I can go back rebuilding my life. . . unless the settlement agreement requires me to come back with a "DIE BATTLEBOTS!" post.Can't we all just get along?
Rodney Thorpe

Come on, Steve, haven't you done enough damage to this man? Can't you give it a rest already? LEAVE HIM ALONE!