The following is a follwup my Marc Thorpe to the announcement of the Robot Wars Settlement as posted on the Robot Wars Forum:

From:   marc (MARCTHORPE)
Posted:   3/9/99 11:17 AM

For personal reasons I have chosen to avoid participation in the RW forum. Profile has asked me make an exception at this time and to post a message clarifying my relationship to the business and to say that I want people to participate in the event Robot Wars is planning for SF this summer. I informed Gary Pini of Profile Holdings which now owns Robot Wars that when people ask me what the situation is I tell them that I am no longer an owner but that I stand to benefit from the success of the business as a royalty participant in all revenue generated by the Robot Wars property. And, regarding participation in RW 99 I tell people that I want them to do what they genuinely want to do and that I will respect their decisions regardless of what they are. I do have an obligation as part of the settlement to promote the business and I intend to do so when interviewed by the press or if I appear in public. Having created the sport and having seen the wonderful community that has grown around it, I will always have good things to say about it. For clarification insofar as RW 99 is concerned Profile is financing and producing the event and I will not be participating in the production. Circumstances permitting, I will be there. In the meantime I wish Profile the best of luck and success with it.