The following is a posting from Marc Thorpe on the Robot Wars Forum on 7/2/99:

Date: 7/2/99

From: marc (MARCTHORPE) 7:10 pm
#852.21, in reply to 852.12

Robot Wars R99 is coming up on August 20 -22. Although my role in the event
was initially going to be limited, I've decided to be involved with the
production of this year's event. While I'm anxious to continue the tradition
of the annual event held at Fort Mason in August, the scheduling of another
event has created a conflict for those of you who can only compete in one of
these events. My preference would be that the other event move to a
different date and, in fact,I've asked the promoters to do so. The annual
August Robot Wars in San Francisco is a well-established tradition. If you
find that you cannot attend more than one event, I would like to encourage
you to attend Robot Wars -- the event that has special significance to me
because IĘconceived it and it follows the rules that IĘdeveloped. Entry
forms were just distributed. I will be at RW R99 and I hope to see you there.