New Version 2.0!

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System requirements:
EDTSim requires a PC with 350 MHZ or faster Intel or AMD processor, a hardware accelerated graphics card. Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP operating system and DirectX 6.1 or higher and 40 MB of free hard disk space.

Purchase is via electronic download, we no longer ship a CD. When your payment is completed, we will email instructions on downloading the full version along with unlock code.


Electric Drive Train Simulator

Easy to use electric drive train development tool.  Select motors, batteries,  wheel diameter and gear reduction, then take it for a test drive on a virtual test track.

* Excellent design tool for building robotic R/C type drive trains like those used in BattleBots®,  BattleBots IQ, Robotica, BotBash, Steel Conflict, First Robotics, Best Robotics, Techno Games or Robot Wars.

* Includes four wheel car type and cycle type drive trains that can be used in designing electric go-karts, electric scooters or electric motorcycles.

* Simulates battery voltage, state of charge, and internal resistance, so you can see how your bots performance changes as the batteries run down.

* Motor simulation allows you to see how motors will run at higher or lower voltages than the motor's designed voltage.

* Motor manufacturers rate motors in different ways making it difficult to compare motors.  In EDTSim all motors are rated in the same way, using the motor constants, making it easy to compare motors.

* Large database of motors includes size, weight, torque, rpm, manufacturer, approximate price and places to buy them.

* Motor and drive train specs can be displayed in whatever metric or imperial units you prefer.

* Large battery database includes size, weight, voltage, internal resistance, Peukert value and capacity at different discharge rates.

* Knowing a motor's power rating isn't enough.  The power you'll get out of a system isn't just dependent on the motor, it depends on the motor, batteries and the electrical resistance of the speed controller and wiring.  EDTSim takes all these factors into account and tells you the power of all the components combined.

* Includes motor and battery editor so you can use manufacturer specs or test data to add motors and batteries to the database.

* Includes example drive trains ranging is size from 1 to 360 lb and can be used for any size drive train that uses permanent magnet DC (PMDC) electric motors.

* Includes twelve drive train configurations, two, four and six wheel tank or wheelchair type differential steering (also known as skid steering) drive train types with two, four or six motors. Two and four wheel car type Ackerman steering with front, rear and four wheel drive configurations.

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