The Second State of the Organization= Message

Topics for this message

  1. Message from the= Chairman
  2. Current= Events
  3. Future= Plans


Message from the Chairman

The past few weeks have been= somewhat difficult for me. I have been feeling pressure from both within= and without the SORC organization. As you will see in this newsletter,= there has been substantial progress in the documents that define both the= internal structure of the SORC and the organization of the events we intend= to sanction. Yet some of the comments we have received by both email and on= the forum have been very negative. I know that we will never please= everyone (no matter how hard we try) but I would ask you to consider= whether your objections are things that you consider absolute necessities= or just things that would be "nice" to have. Next, our= Information Coordinator resigned due to personal reasons. Finally, there= has been quite a lot of discussion on our forum about the purpose of the= SORC. Many just want us to be an organization that puts on events. I= believe that we need to have official legal standing to protect both our= members and our officers. I also feel that we gain a tremendous benefit= from becoming a nonprofit organization. At a minimum, the nonprofit status= lets members and fans alike know that our focus is not on making money,= just promoting our sport. Unfortunately, starting a nonprofit organization= is relatively complicated and things like bylaws and articles of= incorporation reflect that. I would rather keep things simple but sometimes= you just don=92t have a choice.

Current Events

If you have not seen the change at, go there and read the news about the potential sale of the RobotWars trademark. This event= may have a profound effect on the future direction of the SORC.

GCR and Class Rules

The first official draft of the GCR and Class Rules= are at the SORC web site ( in the SORC combat rules section. There are a number of things that we are considering:

  1. Cluster robots
  2. Hovercraft
  3. Other potential fuels (alcohol, nitromethane)
  4. Legged Robots
  5. Membership Upgrades

Potential Bylaws

The first official draft of the SORC bylaws is also= at the SORC web site in the SORC organizational rules section. Yes, they= are lengthy and complicated. They are heavily based on standard bylaws for= nonprofit organizations. If you manage to struggle through them and find= any errors, I would appreciate an email.

Resignation of Information Coordinator

The following letter is from our information= coordinator:


My work load has recently increased, and is about to increase again

in my daily life. It is becoming obvious that I will not be able to= fulfil

the requirements of my office of Information Coordinator in a way

that will bring honor to the society.

I am therefore resigning this post to which I had been elected, and

tender my apologies to the society and all those who had placed

their vote in my favor.


Edwin Wise.

The Information Coordinator will hold one of the most vital roles in= the first couple of years of the SORC=92s existence. The person who holds= that position is responsible for getting information to both the members= and to the media.

Incorporation / Nonprofit Status

I will mail out the letter to the Secretary of the= State of California reserving the business name "Society of Robotic= Combat" this week. When that letter is mailed, we will have 60 days to= sign and mail the articles of incorporation. This means that the election= of the board of directors should happen within this time period.

Future Plans

Here is a list of our tasks for the next year= or so. This is where you get to be involved. If you want to be part of a= team, let me know.

  1. Budget
  1. Official organization kickoff
  1. Events

The SORC wants to sanction or be part of at least three events next year.= To make this happen, we need local teams of builders that will serve as the= interface between a promoter and the SORC. Of course, that means that we= first must find local promoters. The International Championship will be= promoted or co-promoted by the SORC and will be seeded based on the= regional event winners.

  1. Construct Arena
  2. Eventually, I would like the SORC to have a portable arena on both US= coasts. We could lease these to promoters both as a source of revenue and= to guarantee the safety of the spectators. They will be built out of custom= cast concrete blocks and wood. We can actually make the blocks ourselves at= substantial savings.

  3. Create a Testing Laboratory (long term)

I would like to see an SORC laboratory created to provide information on= critical components. We would construct well calibrated units to test the= following types of components:

  1. Assemble Electronic Reference Information

Each year I want to produce a CDROM with a large mass of information on= it. This would include pictures, instructions, circuits and merchandise= catalogs. If you want to contribute to this effort or are willing to allow= us to use something you have already done, please let us know. We will= always give credit to the authors.

That is about all for now.

Todd M.

SORC Chairman