So you want to build a robot. You're starting from scratch and don't know where to begin. Well, this is a great, inexpensive way to get all the basics for your first combat robot! This package is intended to get you jump-started, saving you the time (and money) involved in hunting around for all the right parts before even starting to build.

These parts are selected to work well for a two wheel drive MIDDLEWEIGHT (120 pound) robot. Or, if you go light on your armor and weapon, these could even work for a LIGHTWEIGHT (60 pound) robot. You could even choose four motors and have a great setup for a four-wheel-drive HEAVYWEIGHT (220lb) robot. With this complete package, you will have all the main components ready to go*. Simply hook everything together on your own platform or chassis, and you'll be driving your bot around soon!

For a basic robot, all you'll need to provide on your own, beyond this package, are the following items (all of which you could pick up at your local hardware store and electronics store):

- Batteries (we would include with this package, but there are too many choices)
- A metal or wood baseplate and/or frame
- Fasteners (nuts, bolts and wire connectors)
- A weapon (optional)

This package is no longer available, but please check our new site for exciting new products!